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Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Near Me

What to Expect During the Induction Phase at an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center Near Me

When you first seek treatment from an opioid addiction treatment center Fayetteville, one of the first things that will happen is the induction phase. Many people have no idea what the induction phase is or what they can expect during the induction phase.

The induction phase that occurs when you are seeking opioid addiction help Fayetteville is designed to gradually wean you off of the substances that you are using, using the Suboxone prescription medication. This medication is designed to help reduce cravings and reduce the intensity of the symptoms that occur when you withdrawal from illegal drugs or prescription medications that you may be addicted to. Withdrawal is one of the most intense and painful phases, so induction helps to lessen the impact, reducing sleepless nights, nausea, sweating and cravings. By going through the induction phase, you increase the likelihood of completing your treatment with an opiod addiction treatment center near me.

Every single opioid addiction treatment center Fayetteville offers a slightly different induction phase. At our center, we know just how hard this initial phase is. This is why we offer in-patient treatment for those who could use a little bit of extra help and care getting through the process. We will monitor your progress to help keep you as comfortable as possible and to help you maintain a positive attitude. We can help you to focus on the reasons why you are in recovery and what recovery can do to help you progress your life. The first step to getting clean is to seek opioid addiction help Fayetteville, and after taking this step, we will do everything we can to help you progress on your path to recovery.

Many addicts attempt to get clean on their own. They may attempt to go cold turkey. Unfortunately, this can be harmful to you, and can send your body into a state of shock. Those who attempt to go cold turkey may become severely ill during the withdrawal process, or may not complete it. This is why it is so important to seek out an opioid addiction treatment center near me. An opioid addiction treatment center Fayetteville can help you as you detox your body from the prescription pills or illegal substances you are looking to get clean from. They can then offer an induction phase, to help you out during this most difficult time. When you are looking for opioid addiction help Fayetteville, turn to us here at Suboxone Recovery Center of Arkansas. We can help you safely detox and recover from the demons that you have been fighting for some time.

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